Letters to the Editor

'Potential killer steed'

Leonard E. Goldberg (letter Feb. 6) claimed that every country in Europe uses nuclear energy without problems. I guess Mr. Goldberg never heard of Austria, my native country. At Zentendorf, not far from Vienna, sits a never-used nuclear power plant

Its promoters built it with arrogant disregard for the peoples' opposition. There was a plebiscite, and the people won. Austria has no nuclear energy. Austria's children, in 50 years will not have to worry about what to do with the nuclear waste, nor worry about a disaster like Chernobyl or Three Mile Island.

But if the people of Fresno County want to spare their children all the problems and dangers connected with nuclear power plants, they had better spread the word now that they do not want the cost and the risks of a nuclear power plant in the proximity of a populated area like Fresno County. We must not become enablers because of our reluctance to get involved in community affairs.

The Fresno Nuclear Energy Group LLC, a group of businessmen, and Fresno Mayor Alan Autry are counting on this reluctance. We must shut the barn door now, not try after the potential killer steed is given its head.

Isabell Lawson