Letters to the Editor

Prove it now

As I listened to Sen. Barack Obama's speech declaring his candidacy for president, I began to think that he is really onto something, in wanting to bring together a divided nation.

This message is an important one. However let's look at the messenger. The messenger has the support of George Soros and his Internet network of people who spew the hate speech that is dividing this great nation.

The Democratic party ran on the same idea in the 2006 election that Sen. Obama is running on now.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi declared she was going to reach across to the Republicans and change Washington. And the Democrats have changed Washington. They keep the House Republicans out of important debates, and blame them for everything that goes wrong.

I do not see how this is bringing a nation together.

If Sen. Obama wants us to believe his promise, I suggest that he and those who support him take the two years they have to implement this change now.

Kim Short