Letters to the Editor

High-tech learning

It's about time that classrooms take advantage of all that technology offers ("Getting their i lessons," Feb. 7). There are many ways to learn and we should welcome all of them.

Not everyone can travel and attend lectures. It is not possible for many seniors to attend classrooms, but with technology there is no excuse for not continuing their education.

Having just completed graduate studies online at the age of 82, I can attest that they were more challenging than the previous graduate courses taken at California State University, Fresno. After thorough Internet research, I was able to find only two schools that had the particular courses online I wanted and without residence requirements. Most every university today offers online courses, and more are constantly being added.

Other sources for continuing education are the many college-level courses by outstanding professors offered via CD, DVD or video in a wide variety of disciplines. While not offering credit, they are an excellent way for those of us who are perpetual students and are eager to learn more about their world.

Elaine Nelson