Letters to the Editor

Losing jobs, revenue

I was very disappointed when I heard that the Old Fresno Hofbrau closed. Fresno just doesn't get it. As Bill Wagner, owner of the Hofbrau indicated, neither Fresno nor California is business-friendly.

As co-owner of a business that employs 40 workers and with annual sales in excess of $10 million, we relocated our business from Fresno to Fowler eight years ago. That was probably the best business decision we've made in the 30 years we've been in business. With our new building and several expansions, the building permit process takes us weeks instead of months or years, and with low building fees.

In The Bee's article Feb. 7, Steve Geil of the Economic Development Corp. said, "... as competition comes in, you have to adjust your business to do better."

Well, Fresno, as you fail to attract new business, continue to make it difficult to expand and lose businesses, you can "adjust" to the loss of jobs and tax revenue.

Leonard Borello