Letters to the Editor

'Disgracefully abandoned'

I thank Bee reporter Vanessa Colon for pointing out the disgraceful treatment of Hmong soldiers . Vietnam veterans honor the Hmong warrior. As an American soldier, the fact we left these men behind is my greatest dishonor. Little wonder we have few allies among the tribes and clans of Iraq and Afghanistan. They are well aware that we would, as demonstrated historically, pull out and leave them to the mercy of our enemies.

More important, however, is the current plight of those brothers and sisters still left in country. The Hmong civilization, once a proud and vital culture, who also fought alongside Americans against the Japanese in World War II, is now reduced to starving bands of fleeing refugees hunted like animals by the communist governments in the most desolate mountains of Vietnam and Laos.

American veterans must speak out to our representatives and Defense Department to demand immediate evacuation of these soldiers who fought with us and then were disgracefully abandoned. Where is our honor and commitment to those tribes and clans who previously stood with the United States? For more information on the desperate condition of the Hmong people, go to www.factfinding.org.

David S. Downs