Letters to the Editor

'They are hypocrites'

I was a teenager in the '70s when a friend gave me a book named "Countdown to Doom." It spoke of all the global environmental problems that existed and that if not addressed immediately we would be history -- by the '90s! It sure had a way to bum out a young guy. I guess they were wrong or something.

If you're my age or older, think of all the environmental junk that has been cleaned up or addressed since then. No other country on earth makes the effort the U.S. does to do things right environmentally. Are we perfect? No. Can we always do better? Yes, and we do.

Why don't the activists go to other countries and protest so vociferously? Because they are hypocrites and part of the Hate America crowd. It's been 30 years -- I guess it's time for another "Countdown to Doom" or "Inconvenient Truth."

Brian Murray

Shaver Lake