Letters to the Editor

'Say it ain't so'

I have a question for all of those open-border, pro-amnesty advocates out there. According to Rick Bentley (column Feb. 8), there were only two Spanish language radio stations broadcasting in Fresno in 1988. Today there are 23.

So could someone please tell me, what happened to all of that "assimilation" that the illegal alien lobby keeps talking about? Could it just possibly be that they aren't being completely truthful with the American public? Is it just a little bit possible that we are getting the wool pulled over our eyes?

During the first large pro-amnesty demonstrations last summer, was it just my imagination or did my eyes actually see that about 80% of the flags that the protesters were waiving were Mexican flags? Naw, say it ain't so. They would never do that. The illegal aliens want to "assimilate" and become Americans, right? I wonder if the illegal alien lobby also has a bridge for sale in Brooklyn? If they do, I sure hope the American public doesn't buy it!

Lewis Becker