Letters to the Editor

Here, doggie, doggie, doggie! Watch out!

Ah, the power of a darling, tiny Yorkshire puppy running uncontrollably on Highway 168 east during the height of early evening traffic on Feb. 5 between McKinley and Shields avenues -- bringing cars, pickups, vans to a complete halt.

If you were one of those drivers described, you were lucky to witness the indescribably beautiful sight of Fresno and Clovis area residents bonding together making an earnest effort in order to save this adorable creature of God.

To everyone's dismay, the little one, being traumatized with all this attention, tried to find its way home by taking the Shields Avenue exit -- leaving everyone in its trail. What a heart-warming feeling to witness this connection and such an illustration demonstrating the deep conviction we all share toward caring for our furry animal friends.

I hope this story does have a happy ending with the lucky owner being reunited to its furry family member. I thank everyone who participated in this wonderful act -- they are all to be commended.

Karen J. Fahri