Letters to the Editor

All comfy now?

I was amazed and distressed by the article Feb. 8, titled "FUSD takes training hiatus." Five board members acted to delay ongoing training of administrators and board members claiming they needed more time to become "more comfortable" with the program.

Do the five board members have solid evidence that the reform efforts of Superintendent Michael Hanson are wrong for Fresno Unified? I doubt it. Wouldn't it be prudent to send the board members to visit districts using the program? The article states the cost of the training is paid for by a foundation. It would be a shame to lose our chance to participate due to lack of information when it could be acquired quite rapidly. Heaven knows that big improvements in the education of our kids are needed.

All is not lost. The five could visit school districts that are farther along in their training than Fresno. That way the board members could "get a better understanding" of what the reform is all about. It is no crime not to know. It is a crime to delay or abort something that just may be a major solution to the problems of Fresno Unified.

Vincent Correll