Letters to the Editor

Premeditated cheating

I do not feel any sympathy for the Clovis West High School cheating soccer players. They are not too young; it was not a simple mistake; and there should not be leniency. Eighteen years old is old enough to be arrested or enlist, yet some would argue it's not old enough to know that cheating is wrong.

If the boys had switched jerseys and played while not on the roster, any coach would've disqualified them from the game, yet the standards of athletics apparently do not uphold in higher education. If they had committed a crime, they would've surely been tried as adults and just as surely convicted, because it wasn't an innocent childhood mistake. It was clearly planned out; they knew what they were doing.

But most importantly, to feel sorry for these fools only disheartens those with academic integrity who strive to achieve their goals. No wonder our own highest institution of learning, California State University, Fresno, is mired in scandal. Who cares where the money goes as long as there's good game to watch, right?

Lauren Maltos