Letters to the Editor

Caring strangers

Because we all enjoy hearing of occasions when people treat one another as we would all wish to be treated, I'm happy to recount a recent experience.

In the parking lot of a local market, after filling my car trunk with what I had bought, I somehow dropped in the car keys too, and slammed it shut. The very first person to come by let me use his cell phone to call road service, and waited until I had assurance they were coming before he left. The tow truck came and got the door open, but that set off the alarm and the trunk would not release.

Since an extra key was miles away and there was no one who could bring it to me, I was driven in the tow truck to my house where I got the key. Then I was driven back, where all was resolved!

Generous kindness, thoughtful caring, from a stranger and a business, surely made my day. May it do the same for others.

Lorraine Hanna Martin