Letters to the Editor

Is anybody home?

I hope this letter doesn't go unread, like the three letters I have sent since October to Rep. Devin Nunes, my 21st District representative in Congress. I need his help contacting a federal agency. I've received not one response from his office, not even an acknowledgment.

Now, thanks to a letter to The Bee (Jan. 23, "Call him Dr. No") by Cheryl Reynolds, I realize that Rep. Nunes has been very, very busy voting no on almost every piece of legislation that would help his average constituent, from the minimum wage act to the college relief act, and a long-term energy alternatives bill, all of which passed by a large majority. (So much for his returning to Congress with a "reconciliatory" attitude!)

I even informed Rep. Nunes that I'd write this letter to The Bee if I did not hear from him. Let's see if he at least reads this newspaper to learn what goes on in his district. Maybe you will get some response from him. But I doubt it.

Lynette P. Valencia