Letters to the Editor

'Agenda journalism'

It is getting more difficult reading The Bee each morning. A case in point was a front-page story (Feb. 2) about ExxonMobil's record profits, equating its profits per hour against the average hourly wage of American workers. Oh my, workers of the world unite!

Maybe Exxon earned that profit due to better management and higher productivity. Just maybe, ExxonMobil treats its customers well, invests wisely and is a well-run business.

ExxonMobil achieved a modest 10% profit on total revenue, admittedly on more revenue due to the higher global demand for oil. By comparison, newspapers, not too long ago, routinely posted 20% to 30% profits. More recently, McClatchy sold a newspaper for about half of what it paid only a few years before. Just maybe, McClatchy treats its customers poorly, makes bad investments and puts agenda journalism ahead of reporting.

Record profits legally acquired ought to be celebrated, or at least fairly reported. The Bee used the story as another bullet point for state control of oil. The Bee seems to prefer gas stations run with DMV's customer service and Postal Service efficiency. Please take your agenda off the front page and put it on the editorial page where it belongs.

Paul Deffebach