Letters to the Editor

We want pictures

Hey, Bee! You blew it again. On Feb. 4, in an article that you entitled "Academic Super Bowl," you failed to include a single picture of a single member of the team that won for the 11th time in 11 years.

No pictures of the team. No pictures of the coach. No pictures of their fans. There were three pictures of the fourth place team. I checked your coverage of the athletic Super Bowl on Feb. 5. Guess what? The winning team got a big headline. There were pictures of the winning team and the winning coach, and a big picture of the MVP.

As a teacher, I await your yearly reporting of the county's Academic Decathlon with dread. It is a yearly slap in the face to all students. Do you think they don't notice? Do you think they don't get it?

"Work hard in athletics: get a big picture and a headline; work hard in academics: get a smallish sub-heading, no picture and your name listed somewhere on page B2."

Thanks, Bee. I'll keep on trying to convince these kids that they should actually pay attention and work in class. You keep on insulting their efforts.

James Davis