Letters to the Editor

The comparison game

I'm not sure what the point of John Porretto's Feb. 2 article was. Exxon Mobil makes a lot of money. I get it. His comparison of Exxon Mobil's hourly earnings of $4.5 million to that of the average American worker at $12 is like comparing apples with oranges. It made me curious though, and sparked a little research project. Allow me to play Mr. Porretto's game and report what I found.

Federal tax revenue last year was $2.25 trillion. All state and local tax revenue in the same period was $1.18 trillion for a grand total of $3.43 trillion. Take a deep breath. Seeing that many zeros can make anyone dizzy. The government is robbing us of $391.6 million an hour. Tick. Tick. Tick. In those three seconds, the government took $326,290.

The numbers are rough, but you get the idea. Last year, the government forced every man, woman and newborn baby in the country to give up more than $1 per hour. And it produced nothing. At least Exxon Mobil brings you gasoline, and doesn't force you to buy it.

Michael Varin