Letters to the Editor

True supporters

"Support the troops." Isn't it sad that something so honorable is perverted by the people who claim that mantra? You can support the troops with legislation and policies or accolades, medals, parades and patriotic declarations. Both should be bestowed on them. But let's look at the Republican record when it comes to legislation.

Body armor: A recent Pentagon study said 80% of Marines were killed from upper body wounds. Where is the body armor?

Tricare for reservists (Senate vote No. 282) -- Allow Reservists and National Guard soldiers to buy into the Defense Department's health insurance plan at subsidized rates. Although it passed, only Republicans voted against it.

Tricare for reservists (Senate vote No. 221) -- Extend free health care to all reserve and National Guard soldiers. Two hundred one Democrats and nine Republicans voted "yes"; 218 Republicans voted "no."

Military death gratuity (Senate vote No. 92) -- Increase the amount of money a spouse or family member receives when a loved one is killed in Iraq or Afghanistan; 75 senators were for it; 25 were against it. All 25 were Republicans.

Next time you yell out "support the troops" at a liberal, think about who is really supporting them.

Alan Cheah