Letters to the Editor

Readers question new school board's direction

'An act of war' by school board

The Fresno Unified School District's board members have to cease the hostilities. Voting to "take a break" from workshops that the superintendent has arranged, without any prior discussion with him, is an act of war. In fact, this bad behavior shows that the board really needs these discussion sessions.

A highly rated school district in Connecticut dismissed its superintendent a few months ago. Using a competent search firm and national advertising, they have received only 10 to 12 applications. The pool is becoming more shallow, and in Fresno we should thank our lucky stars to have a capable and dedicated person like Mike Hanson. I want my grandchildren, who are now in elementary school, to continue to have the benefit of his leadership.

If the board has a problem with the superintendent, it is the board's obligation to discuss it with him in a civil atmosphere. If, on the other hand, this latest move is merely to wield power and show who is the boss, then those board members should be ashamed. You owe your top employee an apology.

The board should reverse its decision. I cannot believe that "getting adjusted to your new role" is a valid rationale for canceling the workshops.

Francine M. Farber, Ed.D.