Letters to the Editor

District 'will bump along'

Well, the people voted and they got ... members on the school board who said they would always follow the union line vis a vis school policies. The candidates didn't mention they were unable to read and absorb sophisticated, technically challenging material such as appears at school board hearings monthly. But now we know. They got elected in November to a position where, in theory, they were going to add something to the dialogue.

We find out in mid-February that to quote one person, "I need more time to gain an understanding of my role and responsibilities." (That's the sophisticated version of the third-grader's complaint, "The teacher makes the work too hard, Mom!" ) That's what you were supposed to have done before you ran for office, Miss New Board Member. The union may not have addressed what you were supposed to say about school system training -- you actually were supposed to read SAT-level materials of what had gone on before.

Well, Fresno Unified will bump along I guess; I just think our kids deserve better.

Sylvia Woodburne