Letters to the Editor

'Fix this country'

As taxpayers in this country, we are paying for stuff we do not want. We do not want our tax dollars spent to fight a war we did not want. The poor are getting poorer; the sick are getting sicker. We should be trying to fix this country, not everyone else's. Millions of people are still homeless from Katrina, hundreds of thousands of people are homeless in Florida, but President Bush still wants to spend hundreds of billions of dollars on Iraq.

If Iraq wants help, make them pay for it. They have trillions of dollars worth of oil that can be used to fix their country. Why do we use our hard-earned taxpayers' money? This isn't about terrorists anymore. President Bush is the worst president we have ever had. His approval rating is 28%. He should be impeached for putting us in a war that we should not have been in. The Iraqi people don't even want us there.

We voted in a new Congress to fix the problem, now they are backpedaling. Our founding forefathers would roll over in their graves if they could see what our elected government officials were doing to this country.

William Neil