Letters to the Editor

He doesn't know women

The striking thing about W. Edward Chynoweth's letter "Defying human nature" (Feb. 5) is his blatant, unapologetic sexism regarding women cadets at West Point. Those archaic beliefs no doubt extend to all women in the military, women in law enforcement or women in all jobs traditionally held by men. Although Mr. Chynoweth may be well versed in American history, war and West Point, he obviously knows little about women and what drives them to seek better paying jobs or equitable pay and respect for the same work men do.

Generally, women are not physically as strong as men -- I will grant him that -- but it takes more than the ability to do 200 push-ups to make a man -- or a soldier. I'm sure he does not mean to, but Mr. Chynoweth disrespects the women who are currently serving in the military and dishonors the memory of those who have died fighting in Iraq with words describing young women cadets as "less than a man and less than a woman."

And a final footnote for Mr. Chynoweth: Women do not need to be "molded into men" to become good soldiers.

Joanne Kimura