Letters to the Editor

Don't restrict daughters

I really appreciate W. Edward Chynoweth's letter Feb. 5. It made me realize how blessed I have been to have a father who told me that there was nothing I couldn't do. His comment that "women are formed by nature for attentions, not for hard labor" makes me laugh.

Having spent a life working in a world dominated by men, heck, maybe he's right. Maybe I should just tell my daughter that she should go to beauty school instead of West Point. Maybe she shouldn't be allowed to take up a space that a man should have. Well, no matter what she eventually does, I hope that the "attentions" she may receive come from kudos from her troops that she will lead when this country is at war with the next enemy.

I hope for every daughter out there that they have a father who tells them "they can do anything."

Colleen Mestas