Letters to the Editor

'Top notch' entertainment

My husband, our two kids (a fourth-grader and a seventh-grader) and I enjoyed a great show Feb. 2 at the Mercedes Edwards Theater in Clovis. We saw the musical "The Wiz," presented by Clovis West High School and Kastner Intermediate School. We are a Buchanan-area family, but we try to see various school plays around town.

The Clovis West/Kastner production was top notch. We especially enjoyed standout performances by Skyler Gray as the Tin Man and Michael Willett as the Scarecrow. Their vocal expressions, singing and body language made their characters fun to watch. And they used their costuming and makeup to great effect. Another performer, Emily Fenton, as the "human" Toto, was amazing for her sheer ability to stay in character as a dog for three-quarters of the show.

We salute Clovis West and Kastner for a job well done on the entire production -- cast, costumes, lighting, set design and story flow. They did their schools proud. Our seventh-grader said it was the best play he'd ever seen. Now that's high praise. Bravo!

Jane Sellers