Letters to the Editor

Grateful for the antics of a bird named 'Bill'

I was saddened to read The Bee article Feb. 3, "Not wanted in your yard," with photos of "Bad Birds."

The blue "scrub jays" living in our yard are delightful and fun. One of them is especially friendly. We named him "Bill" after Bill Murray, because he is so comical. After being fed peanuts in the shell on a regular basis, he is now so tame he will fly in and eat out of our hands. He doesn't eat the peanut right away, but instead flies off and "taps" the peanut into the grass or planting areas.

To get our attention, he will sit on a lawn chair by the kitchen window and bob back and forth, cocking his head to get our attention. He is often quickly rewarded with a peanut.

And, by the way, if you have ever enjoyed mighty oak trees, you might thank a scrub jay. They bury many more acorns than they can consume and they are mostly responsible for the population of oak trees in many parts of California.

So please don't call them "Bad Birds." They are delightful!

Karin Kos