Letters to the Editor

Liberal vitriol

Victor Davis Hanson's column "Kerry: The Ugly American" [Feb. 4] prompted me to respond to the liberal vitriol I hear and read about so often and truly find hurtful and damaging to my country.

Sen. John Kerry's toxic blame of America abroad is tantamount to a family member criticizing and spreading falsehoods about my family to those outside: shameful, ungrateful and disloyal. We are the greatest nation: generous, altruistic, brave and free. Perhaps Sen. Kerry and those of similar ilk need to go elsewhere and live lives of deprivation and tyranny, so they can foster gratitude and thanksgiving for being Americans.

In this great nation, where one can improve, achieve, live free and pursue happiness, we ought to strive to live lives of service, strength and integrity, never forgetting our brave soldiers who have selflessly given their limbs and lives to keep safe what some of us hold dear.

They deserve our kindness, honor and loyalty. It is hurtful to them to hear constant disparagement and undermining of the country they proudly serve. I thank Dr. Hanson for being a light that illumines truth.

Holly Peacock-Hickey