Letters to the Editor

Take the poison

I realize that asking a legislator to pass any bill that changes the redistricting rules is like giving a person a knife, a loaded gun and a vial of poison, then saying to that person, "I'll just go into the next room and close the door. You do what you have to do."

I further realize that a person is more likely to vote the welfare of his own family before he considers the will of the people, but one thing is certain. The system we now use needs to be changed. Under our present system, legislators are virtually re-electing themselves to office. The people whose will is being expressed is the will of those already in office. Is it any wonder that the people passed term limits?

So, representatives and senators, go into the next room where the knife, gun and poison are, and come out with a new redistricting plan. It's for the people.

Wayland Jackson