Letters to the Editor

Economic assault

I cry when I sing the "Star Spangled Banner." When "Pomp and Circumstance" begins to play, the march of achievement and promise, I absolutely lose it. That's what America means to me.

I began paying attention to life at the cry of my firstborn some time ago. Where was our government? Forty-five years ago, I wrote paychecks for my husband, a farmer, to people with false or no Social Security numbers. When immigration became a topic of concern, people would disappear, but return when nothing happened.

Who needs terrorists with this huge assault on our economy in the way of social services and entitlement programs? The police department, back in the '70s, told us schools gangs were infiltrating our county. Going to Disneyland, even then, gridlock prevailed. Credit cards were invented, and if you breathed you qualified for one. Our legislators over the past 40 years have let Americans down. Worried about their personal backsides they allowed beginning troubles to rise to proportions such that nobody knows how to fix them.

Today and probably forever we continue paying the price because proactive was not, and remains not, a word in our government's vocabulary. "Hello, is anybody out there paying attention?"

Dolores Armo