Letters to the Editor

Put it up for bid

Scott Shane's Feb. 5 article about contractors controlling the federal government gives us a government that smacks of dishonesty and corruption. Since 2001, the Bush administration has almost doubled contracting from $207 billion to $400 billion last year. When contractors rather than government employees investigate other contractors, collect income taxes and take minutes at policy meetings on the war, how can we expect anything but lying like the kind that twisted intelligence to get us into Iraq in the first place.

In 2001, contracts were 79% competitive and now only 48% are competitive. Secret jobs like intelligence collecting and budget preparation are contracted out to corporations. No wonder the Bush administration sold us weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. It was profitable. Government agents do not seek low bids when they are so busy due to the increased number of contractors and existing contracts are extended rather than put up for new competitive bidding.

Is it any wonder that President Bush continually reminds us that Social Security is in trouble? Like Ronald Reagan, he is passing a giant federal deficit on to the Democrats. At least Bill Clinton balanced the budget. Military contractors starting wars? Looks a lot like Nazi Germany to me.

James Riley