Letters to the Editor

Be humble

In response to D.J. Coates letter, "Doomed to failure," Mr. Coates admits he is fish-belly white and it sure smells of it in the letter.

Minorities are not as fortunate as he is. They are still ignored by political representatives who still choose to make it a form of oppression. Meanwhile, the fortunate ones with casinos are now balancing the budget for him so he can keep receiving government handouts in the form of tax bills and project moneys -- so he can have a home that isn't tagged on a paved street with sidewalks and functional sewers.

At the very least, he should be humble and let us cling to our "dead past." I'm sure he has a heritage that he is proud of also. We "drag 150-year-old baggage" because it gives us a sense of identity -- who we are, where we come from, what we have been through and so on. What about him?

Perhaps Mr. Coates owes a big thanks to diversity making this country even greater.

Alvin Whitehair