Letters to the Editor

Obey officers

I am writing in response to Ellie Bluestein's letter Feb. 5. She says that the Fresno Police Department should consider discontinuing the use of Tasers. I totally disagree. The Tasers are used when the police make contact with people who are non-compliant. The Tasers are used on people who don't want to follow directions and become combative with officers. Rather than officers fighting on the ground with these people, risking injury and/or death, they use these devices to gain control of a situation and secure these people safely.

I suggest that when people are contacted by police and asked to do something by an officer, they comply, otherwise they take the chance of being shot with a Taser or a beanbag from a shotgun. If the non-compliant people have been drinking and/or using drugs, I don't see that as a "get out of jail free" card.

Are the officers supposed to tell them, "We'll come back when you're sober"? I know that the officers' families want their loved ones to return home at the end of their shifts. I say kudos to the Fresno Police Department. Keep up the good work.

Robert Coley