Letters to the Editor

Fresno needs to 'change our way of thinking'

Does anyone else see the irony in our way of thinking in Fresno?

We complain about rolling blackouts, energy and water shortages and utility fee increases, yet we gladly embrace one of the biggest drains on our resources: tract development.

We've convinced ourselves that manure is the real cause of Valley air pollution.

We apply suburban planning principals and zoning ordinances that were developed in the 1960s to today's projects and developments. Have we not progressed in the last 50 years?

Visible trash cans constitute visual blight, yet endless seas of parking, retail centers repeated on every corner and stucco everywhere you look are not?

We complain about the 100-plus degree heat, yet we have one of the smallest percentages of park space per capita to mitigate the heat island effect that seas of asphalt have created.

We have literally driven most bicycle riders and pedestrians, both of which reduce traffic congestion in our traffic-jammed city and promote healthy living in our obese country, off the streets of Fresno. Do we really love our automobiles that much?

If Fresno is to have any chance of survival and revitalization of its core, we need to change our way of thinking.

Jamie Dronyk