Letters to the Editor

Time for a red card

It was easy connecting the dots after reading Eddie Jimenez's Feb. 2 column. Though I can't agree that the students who compromised a SAT exam perhaps felt the competitive pressure in the Clovis Unified School District, thus leading to the gross error in judgment, I do agree that the intention of the "moral" parent who hired the private investigator is questionable.

The competitive climate in Clovis Unified is productive and balanced with Character Counts teaching that inundates the curriculum K-12. It's the American way to combating mediocre and presses the best to be better. All six of my kids went to school here so I know.

As a long-time soccer mom at select levels, I've seen the competitive ugliness of that community. If a "concerned parent" has foreknowledge to hire an investigator, a truly moral person would have, instead, reported that information to a governing board where anonymously, these kids would be appropriately guided. That's the upright course.

Retaliation in soccer always gets a red card. I say, give that parent a red card!

Christina Davies