Letters to the Editor

Utility rate 'hardship'

More about the utility rate increase the city is trying to sell to the people of Fresno: Have they considered the hardship this increase will have on people who are struggling to make ends meet as it is?

It is so obvious that the procedure required to file a protest on the utility rate increase was designed to discourage the public from expressing its views.

It demonstrates how our elected officials operate in order to have it all their way, regardless of what the people want. They are not interested in what the views of the public happen to be, but they are interested in 30% pay raises they voted themselves.

One sure way for our elected officials to stay in office is to accept public opinion and reject the unpopular utility rate increase. If not, the people can express their opinion at election time.

It's time that we see a few new faces at City Hall anyway.

Gordon Dunn