Letters to the Editor

Such hard work

Hallelujah! The Bush administration finally came up with immigration reform, as promised. Not only does the proposed increase in immigration rates lay out the welcome red carpet to potential residents and new citizens, but it also balances the national budget -- as promised.

There is no better way to encourage immigrants to take the proper steps to become legal residents, or legal residents to become U.S. citizens, than to offer them a more expensive package across the board. What vision!

With the increase in rates, the wall at the borders can be completed. They may even have enough money to install escalators rather than a cumbersome wall. This will make it easier to cross the border to become residents and/or citizens.

Politicians can give themselves a well-earned raise -- again. Being a visionary is hard work.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, all that immigrants really want is a good, honest day's pay, for a good, honest day's work.

Is that so hard to understand?

Hope Fierro