Letters to the Editor

'A wonderful facility'

Regardless of the issues surrounding Gateway Ice Center's pending sale, it is a wonderful facility for Fresno and the region. The owner, Bob Glassman, built the ice rink and has provided a state-of-the-art skating facility that has been enjoyed by thousands of people all over the Valley for 12 years. It has been home to many teenagers and kids of all ages. On any given Friday and Saturday night, as well as Sunday afternoons, it is packed with people attending public skating sessions.

This facility has not only been used as a skating rink, but as a social gathering place for kids. If the rink closes, these kids could possibly find another form of entertainment that might not be as healthy or safe. Hundreds and hundreds of figure skaters' and hockey players' very lives have been transformed because of their relationship to this rink.

The ownership and management team should be commended for the untold opportunities they have provided for our community. I pray that somehow this very popular and needed rink will stay open for years to come.

Bonnie Heintz