Letters to the Editor

'Keep Gateway open'

There are figure skaters, hockey players, the Fresno Falcons, Fresno Jr. Falcons, Ice Skating Club of Fresno, Fresno State hockey team, the general public (young and old) who love to ice skate, as well as other groups and organizations from around this Valley. This wonderful facility of ours is full of skaters and hockey players seven days a week. Weekends are jam-packed.

What are they to do if the Gateway Ice Center closes its doors? Some people have said they will move to Bakersfield of Stockton if it does close. If these cities can manage to keep their ice rinks operating, then why can't our growing city of Fresno do the same? Many skaters and hockey players have invested much time, effort and money into their hobby, but most of all they love the sport. For some kids and adults it is the only form of recreation for them.

Those who are skeptical of the idea of keeping the rink open should visit the rink during one of the public sessions or go check out one of the hockey games. They can see for themselves why we supporters are asking the city to keep Gateway open for all of us.

Christine Sahatdjian