Letters to the Editor

'Expensive course'

I read with interest the article concerning the diversion of funds to the athletic department at Fresno State. I am reminded of a similar situation.

At Fresno City College, the general education classes are impacted. We have 50 or more students vying for classes that hold 31 students. There are not enough classes, and we often have to turn students away.

Meanwhile, the dental hygiene program at City College uses millions of dollars in equipment and employs dozens of faculty, staff and consultants, all for a small group of dental hygiene students (30 students are allowed into the program each year. This year's graduating class is down to 20).

Dental hygiene programs are already offered by some of the private vocational colleges. Eliminating this extremely expensive course would save the college millions of dollars. A fraction of the savings could be used to open up more general education classes.

Can anyone tell me why we are spending a gazillion dollars a year to put just 30 students through the dental hygiene program at Fresno City College?

Beth Webster