Letters to the Editor

'Error in judgment'

As a parent of a former athlete at Clovis West High School, I have witnessed all kinds of behavior by parents of athletes. Hiring a private detective to follow a student boggles my mind. Why not alert the coach or staff of your suspicions?

Alex Lloyd and Ben Milam made a huge mistake. They were wrong in what they did with the SAT. There isn't a 17- or 18-year-old that hasn't made a wrong choice, and I can only imagine the percentage of teens with fake IDs. Unfortunately for these young men their mistake ended up on the front page of The Bee.

My concern is for them. They made an error in judgment. I haven't seen anyone walking on water lately. The ladies will gossip on the circuit at Curves. So what? The boys and their families will weather this storm and find the strength to deal with what's ahead.

The boys were gifted with intelligence, kindheartedness and athleticism. They shouldn't let this situation rob them of those things. To parents, I say go home and ask your kid, "What's in your wallet?"

Liisa Bakula