Letters to the Editor

DeWolf: Nobody cares

We attend DeWolf High School. We are sick of hearing everyone judge us about how bad this school and the students are here.

Everyone blames the students really when no one here cares about the students. They tell us they don't care if we come to class, they don't care if we don't do our work and they are very rude.

We don't think DeWolf would be so bad if we had activities. We have spoken out, but it seems like no one is hearing us. Being students here, we feel that we deserve the right to express how we feel. Yes, it's true, some of the students here might not be the cream of the crop, but they don't reward us either way it goes.

Our suggestion is to give us more activities, which gives us something to look forward to. We tried to reach out to the principal and teachers, but it doesn't seem to help, so maybe this will show them that we are serious.

Dyisha Burrell

Age 17

Ashauni Johnson

Age 18

Timothy Dennis

Age 17