Letters to the Editor

'Lifetime of suffering'

The Valley Voices column Jan. 27, "Caring is not enough -- we need action" [by Kelly Brooks and Helen Siporin], is a painful reminder that our elected officials and we citizens turn a blind eye to children who suffer particular illnesses.

All children have an inalienable right to the healthiest, happiest childhood possible. Saying we care for every child in pain, becomes a barfy platitude when we do not allocate the same funds and treatments for children whose brain chemistry is the cause of their suffering. Our community is well served with hospitals for every illness: Fresno Surgical, a cancer center, San Joaquin Rehabilitation, Fresno Heart, Children's in Madera and countless centers that cater to our vanity.

There is an ad that reads "loved ones deserve the best ... insist on Saint Agnes."

Please insist on an inpatient hospital for our children whose minds deserve the best care.

We need the same commitment to our children who live with a mental illness. Untreated illness in children leads to a lifetime of suffering. Where is your heart?

Linda E. Spalding