Letters to the Editor

Won't help the poor

In the latest census data from 2005, there were 18 million households with people under 65 who had incomes below the poverty line. That is why President Bush has proposed a cruel joke on the American people when he proposes an income tax deduction for people so they can pay for health insurance.

What a scam. How in the world are families living under the poverty line supposed to pay for health insurance when they often cannot put food on the table? This tax exemption will help people in the middle class, not the poor.

Ann Richards, the late governor of Texas, once pointed out that George W. Bush had been born with a silver foot in his mouth. Perhaps this is why he cannot understand the plight of the poor who have no health insurance.

Isn't it about time we provide for our citizens who have no health insurance? Maybe if we weren't spending about $200 billion a year on the war in Iraq, we could.

Richard M. Morrow