Letters to the Editor

'Dictatorial' government

I just read The Bee's article [Feb. 1] on forcing homeowners to buy energy-efficient light bulbs in the state of California. It is impossible, at this time, to purchase fluorescent bulbs with a candelabra base. They are not being manufactured. All my other light bulbs are energy efficient.

This act reminds me of the Davis Burton Act as it applies to homeowners' associations. It is, in my opinion, a dictatorial directive to allow management units to control homeowners. This year, so our management unit states, the state even controls the voting requirements for the associations.

It doesn't matter, in this state, what the CCRs and by-laws require, even though they have been approved by more than a majority of the homeowners. The state also allows management units and association boards to ignore requirements as set forth in the CCRs and by-laws. In most states, this action would cause an investigation by county district attorneys or the state attorney general.

If the voters keep electing this type of official, we are in for a dictatorial form of government. Of course, that would have the state acting like our federal government with the present administration.

Buddy Ross