Letters to the Editor

Failing our veterans

It was great to see the story about the Iraq occupation veterans now having access to a new rehabilitation center in San Antonio. What I found disturbing was that this badly needed facility had to be built with private donations. I have to wonder why our government could not get something like this up and running long ago, given the obvious need.

Maybe it is as Don Rumsfeld might have said: "You go to war with the veterans care system you have, not the one you want." However, I think it is just another example of the poor planning and misplaced priorities that have been the trademark of the entire Bush administration.

I marveled at the list of politicians and military brass who showed up for the opening ceremony. Had I been in their place, I would have been too embarrassed to show my face after failing to properly care for the young people sent into the meat grinder of Iraq.

The soldiers are the only people being asked to sacrifice for President Bush's folly. Can't we at least treat them as we would want to be treated after our limbs were blown off or our faces eviscerated?

Jeffrey W. Eisinger