Letters to the Editor

Governor's high-speed rail ax a blow to Valley

California's future has taken a severe blow from the governor's budget ax. As our population continues to grow and become denser, the need for new transportation options that reflect contemporary technical development is essential.

Among these options is high- speed rail. The Valley will literally be the heart of California. Increasing the number of lanes on the freeway system and the number of runways at the airports can never handle the needs of our growing population.

High-speed rail will encourage business and industrial development in the Valley. The addition of high-speed rail, together with the two major freight rail lines and the future development of heavy and light commuter rail, will close the gaps that we will face in the movement of people and the creation of modern industrial development. The heart of the system will be high-speed rail connecting San Diego, Los Angeles, the San Joaquin Valley, Sacramento and San Francisco.

We can either accept ever-increasing population in our Valley and state with its concomitant chaos on our highways and in our skies, or we can plan our future now. Time is short and it is now that plans for high-speed rail must move toward completion.

Carl Stutzman