Letters to the Editor

'Pledge to take action'

Let's face it, people don't usually think "cool" when they think of Fresno. Recently, Fresno's name has been spotted on the list of "Cool Cities," those cities whose mayor has signed the U.S. Mayor's Protection Agreement to reduce global warming carbon dioxide pollution in their cities to 7% below 1990 levels by 2012.

Fresno resident Franz Weinschenk noticed that Fresno, once on the list, had slipped off, and he tracked down Bee journalist Bill McEwen to find out what happened. Thanks to the persistence in following up with the mayor, Fresno is again "good to go" on the list.

Let's hope we stay there this time, not because it's cool and trendy, and not because it's a political pot shot at the president, but because it's responsible stewardship of our environment. It is not symbolic. It is a pledge to take action.

Karen Hammer