Letters to the Editor

Molly and Mencken

Molly Ivins inspired me to voice my opinion, in a vociferous manner. She made me realize, to a great extent, the power of the pen and sowed the seed and the will to approach a wide variety of newspapers, and now magazines, such as Newsweek, Time, Vanity Fair and The Nation.

She will be sorely missed by me and many others. Her style and use of humor, at times, dry as a good martini, was both up-front and subtle. No doubt, she will go down as one of the all-time greats as a satirist and columnist.

We are fortunate to have lived during the life of writers such as her. Molly was in the same league as the H.L. Mencken in the realm of journalism. Let's make sure she is given a place of honor in the not too far future. Many times she made my day, as I'm sure she did for many others -- she touched our lives with wit and made politics seem to be a fun endeavor.

Jess "Consafos" Sanchez Barroso