Letters to the Editor

Caring for the wounded

Glaring at me from the front page of The Bee Jan. 30, is the photograph of a horribly wounded soldier and scores like him being wheeled into a brand-new state-of-the-art rehabilitation facility for the American victims of the war in Iraq.

The story explained how the $40 million facility was built with private donations raised by millionaire Arnold Fisher, who has spearheaded the building of "Fisher Houses" at military hospitals. Fisher Houses allow families of critically injured soldiers to stay with them while they undergo rehabilitation.

Forty million bucks from private donors, while we the people, through our elected executive and legislative branches and the appointed Judiciary, pour hundreds of millions into a war, so people like Arnold Fisher decide one day that we ought to care for "those who have borne the battle, and their widows and orphans" -- a quote from Abraham Lincoln.

I thank Arnold Fisher. He is an honorable and noble man.

Then I look down in the left bottom corner of the same front page and see a story about a city commissioner in Miami proposing a huge party in the Orange Bowl when Fidel Castro dies.

What're we, nuts?

Jim Doyle