Letters to the Editor

Maybe, maybe not

Polar bears are drowning [Wayne Madsen, column Jan. 28]? I would venture to say that they have been drowning for hundreds of years under certain circumstances.

I seem to recall that 40 years ago, the advice from the media was "Dig out the long johns, the ice age is upon us"! I also recall reading about one winter in 1812 or so when there was no summer, and the sun never shone. Further, is it not the theory that the residents of Alaska walked across the frozen Bering Sea, which sure as heck is not frozen now?

Global warming may be real -- or it may be just another false alarm. Either way, if you want to get rid of fossil fuel burning, build a couple more nuclear plants. Every country in Europe uses same without problems. Why can't we?

I notice that Mr. Madsen is no longer a Senior Fellow at the Electronic Privacy Information Center, but is now merely a contributing writer to the liberal Online Journal. Looks like EPIC got wise to him. Too bad you folks didn't.

Leonard E. Goldberg