Letters to the Editor

Valley pays a price for huge growth of dairies

I just finished reading the article in The Bee about the prospect of California beating Wisconsin to be the outstanding cheese state [Jan. 28]. At what price are we paying for this with the polluted air that we breathe?

Our Fresno County Board of Supervisors has let an overabundance of dairies be built because land down south got too expensive and the dairies have moved up here. We are paying a price with the quality of our air.

And for the picture of the cows laying in the mud and manure -- that is the way they really are housed here in the Valley. Have you seen any green pastures here? I haven't.

I grew up in Minnesota, a daughter of a farmer who raised cattle and they didn't stand in mud and manure. Three cold months in the winter they were housed in warm barns. The rest of the years they had green pastures and grass to eat. And that is the way cows are raised in Wisconsin, too.

Protect the environment and our health and send the cheese-making back to the place it should, where they know how to treat the wonderful animals.

Shirley Boatman