Letters to the Editor

'Doomed to failure'

Regarding Charlie Moore's letter "Belated healing" [Jan. 30]: I would simply ask who specifically does he want to apologize for all white Americans? How about the white Irish? They were just getting here about the time white Northerners were dying in astronomical numbers that African Americans might enjoy the blessings of freedom.

I'm fish-belly white and my relatives were in Germany when Mr. Moore's ancestors were slaves. Do I owe Mr. Moore an apology? That politician's comment caused me to chuckle because it showed me that he and Bill Cosby had much in common, specifically, a strong grip on reality as it exists today.

Black Americans today suffering poverty and drug addiction are as non-assimilated as Native Americans stuck on government reservations, living on handouts and fighting alcoholism among their youth. Every ethnic group clinging to its dead past rather than assimilating into the greater society is doomed to failure by choice, not persecution.

It's difficult for anyone to succeed in life dragging 150 years of old baggage behind them, harnessed to their psyche by generations of family and pointless ethnic traditions. Perhaps African Americans owe President Lincoln and countless dead white Union soldiers a belated "thank you."

D.J. Coates