Letters to the Editor

Time for 'insurgence'

As I read The Bee report of 200 insurgents killed in Iraq, I once again wondered, who are the insurgents in Iraq?

The dictionary definition of insurgent is: "Rising up against established authority; an insurgent person." By that definition we can presume President Bush is an insurgent, as Saddam Hussein was the established authority in Iraq.

The dictionary definition of the term insurgence is: "Rising in revolt; uprising." It can be presumed then the insurgence in Iraq has come about in defense of themselves against an insurgent who invaded their country and is killing their people.

It is not clear to anyone who insurgents in Iraq are, since it seems anyone who is not an American is called an insurgent.

This term appears to be used to define all those killed (other than Americans). Yet we know thousands who have died are Iraqi citizens including women, children, babies, old people, the sick, others not in uniform and even disguised as American soldiers.

Don't we need an insurgence here as an uprising in revolt against the insurgent who is the established authority in our country?

Helen Condit